Building our Community Above and Beyond Our Dreams #SocialCafe 7.34

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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: Building our Community Above and Beyond Our Dreams

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  1. What is a community to me? What is my purpose or objective in building my dream community?

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  1. What do I plan to do with my community? Regular events? Chat availability 24/7? Hmm.. What else?

Kat always has an interesting perspective to share, as well >>

But, I do particularly like what Mojo has to share, don't you?

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  1. How do we decide what social network is best for our dream community?

Great points about understanding the objective, finding the comfort level, and branching out as one feels comfortable (and not before that). Also, we are here, in a community, to help each other understand new platforms.

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  1. How much time should I spend building my community on other networks? Should I coordinate them?

So many great answers to how to approach this one! I can't help but share some extras here!

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  1. What are some ways I can incentivize the joining of my community without it looking like a gimmick?

A couple of other great points along the lines of providing valuable information and sometimes information that has already been written by you (repurposing!).

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  1. How do I start building my dream community? What is my first step?

Some of our suggestions included simple steps like asking. That does make sense, doesn't it? And, yet, we sometimes hesitate to take that step. So, instead, let's get out there and try it!

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  1. How do I encourage engagement in my community? How do I keep them talking and liking each other?

Interesting answers to this one. Many of us agreed, especially in the area of demonstrating engagement by truly, from the heart, engaging.

@Seasiderecords gave a practical example of what he has seen work in some communities. Hey, if that works and that is what you want to do, try it.

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  1. What can I do to reward my community members and demonstrate that we care and are there for them?

We seem to have a consensus on being polite and offering assistance/resources, eh? What do you think?

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  1. Ok, now it is time to brag about what you do well! Your #ShamelessPlug is ...

Time to see how we can support each other in our endeavors. And, what better way than our #SocialCafe-originated #ShamelessPlug process! Now, let's visit these sites!

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

I love how Maria brought out the aspect of helping the needy. I wholeheartedly agree, Maria! This dream community thing is not all about us. Let's look beyond ourselves and help others, as Maria suggests in her tweet, here:

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