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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: Continuous Process Improvement

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  1. How did you establish your initial baseline for your social media strategy?

One easy way to look at the baseline is asking yourself, "Where am I at in my social media marketing right now?" Then, build from there. Your baseline was whatever the answer to that question was, at the time that you asked it. We can worry less about the baseline and just understand that we are building from there, whatever "there" is.

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

We appreciate each and every one of you! Thanks for joining us.

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#SocialCafe Twitter Chat Announcement

This SocialWebCafe Twitter Event is about Continuous Process Improvement.

This event sponsored, in part, by our wonderful friends at: for Twitter Relationship ManagementWe recommend them because we love them (and their tool) and not just because we are compensated. Try it for free!

Twitter Event Details

  • Date:   03/10/2015
  • Time:   6:00 pm PST/PDT (9:00 pm EST/EDT).
  • Hashtag:   #SocialCafe

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Twitter Event Questions

    1. How did you establish your initial baseline for your social media strategy?
    1. How do you decide when your strategy or approach needs updating (i.e. corrective action)?
    1. What value do you see in using a methodology or strategy to improve your performance?
    1. Do you have any examples that you would like to share, on how you improved your process?
    1. What have you learned during this #SocialCafe chat, that inspires you to another action step?

Format: Q&A

For more information on the formats of Twitter Events and what we recommend as tools to join in the fun, please visit Twitter Event Instruction.

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