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Get Carla’s Book!
Printable Pink Peppermint Christmas Decorations (Kindle) (affiliate link)

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  1. What sort of holiday crafts do you like to see, do, or receive?

Some of the most fun memories can be made while making gifts, and making them with other friends and family.

  1. Please share some links to crafts that you have read.

Carla's ebook is chock full of great ideas and activities for decorations and gift bags and more.

  1. How about holiday ornaments and decorations? Do you like to make, buy, or receive as gifts?

Carla offers some sage advice on how to enjoy life. Maybe that is why her ebooks are so delightful. She has discovered the secret.

  1. Let’s do a survey for Carla. Which one do you like best?

We spent time, during the chat, looking at Carla's creations and choosing which ones we like. Check out Carla's links, as well as the slideshow, above, to find even more.

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

Carla is continuing to be creative and has more fun things in store for us. You will want to follow her on Twitter and visit her site so that you find out when those awesome ebooks are available. She also has a lot of free ideas, as well.

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