Pulling It Together with Email and Social Media #SocialCafe 7.31

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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: Pulling It Together with Email and Social Media

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This is our #SocialCafe Twitter chat to help examine, even introspectively, where (and how) we can use what is already within our grasp to help propel our businesses (and personal brands) forward in this wonderful promotion machine. So, how about it? What are we thinking in terms of email marketing and social media marketing? Let’s ask ourselves and see!

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  1. Why is it useful to offer the option for email subscription on a blog?

Kat makes a really good point in saying that the email list is our real estate. Keep in mind, too, that it is as if it is one that we inherited, to some extent, with a minimal mortgage (compared to other options out there which may not belong to us entirely). So, definitely use it to your advantage, eh?!

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  1. What is the best email list management service? Why? (What about doing it without a service?)

As Deborah mentions in her tweet, MailChimp is a great one to use if you are looking to try out this email list management and don’t want to spend money, or at least initially. But, then, if you become a pro, you may be looking at a service that does a little more heavy lifting. Remember, this is YOUR gig, so you make the choice. :)

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  1. What recommended social media sharing platforms should be used for a blog? Does it matter?

Some integrated advice here... Ensure that you are

  1. defining your target audience;
  2. engaging them; and
  3. doing so by identifying the platforms (i.e. one to three) where they are most likely to hang out and find you, eh?
Now... your turn... :)

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  1. How should the social sharing be set up on a blog?

Need some help in finding share buttons for your site? Yes, there are freebie plugins and even those that come with your Wordpress themes. Or, you could insert them manually. We have added a couple of suggestions that we like to our resource list at the top of this post (possibly they may be affiliate links but that is not why we recommend them, rather that they are tried and true and LIKED!).

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  1. So, I have shared my content, how do I entice readers back to my site, using email and/or social media?

Focus on the giving. The honest giving and sharing of oneself. This is a case of getting what you put into it, but be sure it is sincere giving with no expectation of getting in return. People will flock to you, but for the right reasons if your motives are right.

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  1. How does email list management and social media work together? Or, do they? What about the list magnets?

While it is true that we want people (and leads / future customers) to visit our site, we want to build those worthwhile relationships. Remember what we learned in question number five? ;)

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  1. What are the recommended best practices with list management and social media? Tips? Manners?

Hint: Stay tuned as we (some of us #SocialCafe peeps) are putting together a manners book ;) If you have tips to share, feel free to share them at our #SocialCafe twitter chats and we will be sure to quote you and share with people how to find you on the ‘net! In the meantime, what do we think about manners again?

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  1. Where can I learn more about social media and list management and especially how they work together for MY benefit?

We can’t help but share about #SocialCafe, eh? Also, any resources that we can provide to you for free, we will do so. Life isn’t always free, but we can do our best to give to you anything we can for free. You know it is high-quality and from the heart when it involves #SocialCafe! Also, we are toying with offering some affordable webinars, too. So, if you have specific questions you want covered, don’t be shy - let us know!

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  1. Ok, now it is time to brag about what you do well! Your #ShamelessPlug is ...

Kat has some really helpful advice for us, in standing strong so don’t miss that on her site. Check out her #ShamelessPlug tweet below and be sure to visit us at YourContent.Today (also in the resources links at the top of this post).

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

Well, it is sad to say goodbye...for now. But, we love you all and will see you next week! Curious about the topic? You have the tweet advertising it below, as well as the link in the resource section... you know... at the top of this post. :) See you then!

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