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#SocialCafe: Holiday Gift Idea... Gadgets (w/@dragonblogger)

#SocialCafe: Holiday Gift Idea... Gadgets (w/@dragonblogger)

Q&A Discussing the holiday gift idea of gadgets. Special Guest: Justin Germino (@dragonblogger). Host: Social Web Cafe @SocialWebCafe

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  6. Welcome to the #SocialCafe Chat at our weekly Wed 3pm EST (8p GMT)
  7. Hello everyone, glad to be here on the SocialCafe Twitter chat! #socialcafe
  8. Enjoyed our interview this morning, Justin. Was just listening to all of your recommendations for gadgets! #socialcafe
  9. @socialwebcafe I merely scratched the surface (no pun intended), didn't even touch so many categories yet. #socialcafe
  10. During holiday season #SocialCafe is "giving back" and chatting abt gift ideas.. today... gadgets
  11. RT @socialwebcafe: During holiday season #SocialCafe is "giving back" and chatting abt gift ideas.. today... gadgets
  12. @dragonblogger I got that impression. I like what you said about the 7" tablets and portability (and $$) Feel free to share :) #socialcafe
  13. @Brad_Harmon I was thinking that, too, Brad, on the story behind it, Jennifer ;) Welcome, Brad. #socialcafe
  14. Consumers definitely like a 7" tablet, the smaller size makes it more portable, 10" is great, but can't fit into a purse. #socialcafe
  15. Q1 What types of gadgets and techie gifts interest you? High-tech? Kitchen? Games? #SocialCafe
  16. @socialwebcafe my boyfriend wants the microsoft surface tablet for christmas, but i think we have too many! #SocialCafe
  17. @redfuzzycow Due to the extremely limited apps available in Windows App Store, I am delaying interest. More PC like though. #socialcafe
  18. @redfuzzycow I do like the Windows 8 one interface all devices mentality, looks like the right direction. #socialcafe
  19. @socialwebcafe I don't have a purse :( I just carry around mine in a case like a book under my arm. #socialcafe
  20. @dragonblogger true. we have ipads, and a ton of android devices. he just wants the surface to round it out #SocialCafe
  21. A1: There is a tablet for any need, it depends on what you want from your tablet which one is right for you. #socialcafe
  22. A1: If you look at raw flexibility, power, specs, Google Nexus 7 wins the 7" tablets over Kindle Fire HD and iPad Mini #socialcafe
  23. RT @socialwebcafe: During holiday season #SocialCafe is "giving back" and chatting abt gift ideas.. today... gadgets
  24. RT @socialwebcafe: Q1 What types of gadgets and techie gifts interest you? High-tech? Kitchen? Games? #SocialCafe
  25. A1 gadgets that help with sound and video recording #SocialCafe
  26. A1 This year I've been looking at a lot of headphones. Thinking about Beats by Dre. Any suggestions around $200 range? #socialcafe
  27. Article Which Tablet is right for you  http://ow.ly/fEMmn focuses on 7" tablet showing you all the specs side by side. #sosocialcafe
  28. @socialwebcafe shared link to comparison, but I haven't physically gotten one to review so my opinion is research based. #socialcafe
  29. @socialwebcafe i love my nexus 7. although i smashed the screen on my 1st. note to everybody: nexus 7 screens aren't too tough #SocialCafe
  30. I love my Behringer Podcast Studio for doing podcasts, AWESOME mic and mixing board. #socialcafe
  31. A1 Wife is trying to decide between the iPad mini & the new Nook HD (she has the Nook Color already). Suggestions? #socialcafe
  32. @redfuzzycow Nor are iPod/iPhone/iPad screens, my ipod touch shattered on a slight drop of about 4' to the concrete #socialcafe
  33. @redfuzzycow Good to know! Thanks. But, the price reflects that, right? So, it is a good value, eh? #socialcafe
  34. @Brad_Harmon Is price an option? If you don't care, iPad Mini has thousands of more apps/games available. #socialcafe
  35. @socialwebcafe Most $500 tablets won't survive a drop either. I hear the Samsung Galaxy S3 is very durable though. #socialcafe
  36. @socialwebcafe very true. you can tell asus skimped a bit to make the $200 price point, but it's still a fantastic tablet #SocialCafe
  37. @socialwebcafe the nexus 10 is amazing. my bf just got it to replace his asus transformer infinity (which replaced the prime) #SocialCafe
  38. @dragonblogger the s3 is extremely durable...i dropped it right onto the concrete, not a SINGLE scratch. #SocialCafe
  39. Kindle Fire HD is a good tablet, simple interface is appealing to many but compared to Nexus 7 it can't match. #socialcafe
  40. @dragonblogger i dropped my iphone 4 off my bed onto carpet and it completely shattered. #SocialCafe
  41. @redfuzzycow I agree, Nexus 10 is superb, the tablet to beat, better resolution than retina and just WOWS! #socialcafe
  42. @redfuzzycow wow... I would have expected the iPhone to fare better, with carpet.. #socialcafe
  43. If I didn't already have an iPad, I would be having the Google Nexus 10. Google play still lacks in tablet apps/games though #socialcafe
  44. @dragonblogger it's so perty. i still love my ipad, though...boyfriend keeps telling me to stop living in the past...lol #SocialCafe
  45. @dragonblogger Not really. She's just used to the nook, but she loves her iPhone. Don't know why she'd want to stay w/ a Nook? #socialcafe
  46. @redfuzzycow I got a really good Otterbox case for iPhone it survived a few drops without a scratch so far. #socialcafe
  47. Q2 What types of gadgets have you put on your shopping list (for others, or for you)? #SocialCafe
  48. @Brad_Harmon When the Nook was $99 on Black Friday from one site, I would have Said GET IT AT THAT, but not when priced same. #socialcafe
  49. @socialwebcafe I have a 55" LED Samsung TV on my wish list for this year Xmas. I don't have a LED/LCD TV over 32" yet. #socialcafe
  50. @socialwebcafe I also want a Logitech C920 to do more and better quality vlogs, webcasts..etc #socialcafe
  51. RT @socialwebcafe: Q2 What types of gadgets have you put on your shopping list (for others, or for you)? #SocialCafe
  52. @socialwebcafe Q2: my dream christmas gift is a samsung smart tv. qwerty remote looks SO COOL #SocialCafe
  53. @socialwebcafe Last but not least, need a new optical mouse, Logitech again here wins me over with the Performance Mouse MX #socialcafe
  54. @redfuzzycow LOL, that is exactly mine, SmartTV Samsung, except 61xxx series, I don't need 3D or care. 120hz is a must. #socialcafe
  55. U r so welcome! RT @socialwebcafe: We want to thank the wonderful HT. We love them! Please visit  http://www.hashtracking.com ing.com pleaSocialCafeialCafe
  56. Stay tuned for topic announcement about another holiday gift idea next week… #SocialCafe
  57. @socialwebcafe I like my Logitech bluetooth headset, Hmm, I seem to have a pattern with Logitech, they should send me stuff. #socialcafe
  58. RT @socialwebcafe: Stay tuned for topic announcement about another holiday gift idea next weekÉ #SocialCafe
  59. @dragonblogger They should! I used to use a cool Logitech mouse, before the laptop and trackpad...I'll have to look again. #socialcafe
  60. I did do a round up last week on top holiday gifts under $100  http://ow.ly/fENQz ried to cover all major categories. #sosocialcafe
  61. @socialwebcafe They never responded to my requests to get products to review, and I am always promoting their cool stuff too! #socialcafe
  62. A2 Pretty sure this isn't a gadget, but I'd love a new gaming PC this Christmas. #socialcafe
  63. @Brad_Harmon close enough to categorize it with gadgets :) (Can we tweet this to your wife?) #socialcafe
  64. @dragonblogger @socialwebcafe That surprises me, Justin. I'd think they'd be all over that request. #socialcafe
  65. @Brad_Harmon I had one build from iBuyPower last year, LOVE IT. But in retrospect I should have gotten a gaming laptop instead #socialcafe
  66. @socialwebcafe I guess UBook is a morph of a tablet and a netbook. Did you see the link I included? #socialcafe
  67. @socialwebcafe lol ... she won't get on Twitter. It's Pinterest/Facebook for her. Plus, she doesn't like to enable my gaming. ;) #socialcafe
  68. Q3 What types of gadgets are you hoping to receive? #SocialCafe
  69. The Google Nexus 7 we are giving away on DragonBlogger  http://ow.ly/fEOmN his is sponsored by @npnpxpcomnd myself #sosocialcafe
  70. @dragonblogger I'd love a gaming laptop, but can't see paying $2k+ for one. Prob could go cheaper for WoW, Civ, etc? #socialcafe
  71. @sunraysheryl I'll have to check it out.. Are you thinking of getting one? #socialcafe
  72. @thirtymommy How young are your kids? I got my youngest Kindle Fire when he was 5. #socialcafe
  73. @redfuzzycow I am giving away a brand new Lenovo Z585 laptop, contest ends 11/30  http://ow.ly/fEOHV id you enter? #sosocialcafe
  74. Started w color Nook to jump into the digital reader experience& really love it. Then got b/w Nook - easier to read on beach ;D #socialcafe
  75. @sunraysheryl Kindle Paperwhite blows me away at how readable it is, backglow at night phenomenal #socialcafe
  76. @redfuzzycow I still like my iPad 2, more games/apps but I use it most for reading. #SocialCafe
  77. @dragonblogger I wouldn't mind having a chance to sit down and try all the digital readers in one sitting. #socialcafe
  78. @redfuzzycow I had $50 per year in magazines, $100 in newspaper subscriptions, all canceled now that I have iPad. :) #socialcafe
  79. @sunraysheryl Yes, 1st generations, Nook was better, 2nd generation Kindle ahead and Nook app store is the most lacking of all 4 #socialcafe
  80. RT @dragonblogger: @sunraysheryl Kindle Paperwhite blows me away at how readable it is, backglow at night phenomenal #socialcafe
  81. @sunraysheryl Oh sorry, you said BW, only from what I read, most tech sites show the paperwhite better for readability at night #socialcafe
  82. Q4 Are there any gadgets that you’d like to read reviews on before buying/getting? #SocialCafe
  83. @sunraysheryl Stopped reading at the beach after the beached whale misunderstanding. ;) The b/w screens are great outside though #socialcafe
  84. @dragonblogger I like the BW Nook for reading in daylight, like on the beach..! #socialcafe
  85. @redfuzzycow I've found it a lot easier to set an iPad on a nightstand before sleeping, than a laptop... lol #socialcafe
  86. @dragonblogger I'm more a reader than a gamer, but have loved ones who do love gaming ;D #socialcafe
  87. @sunraysheryl Yeah, those e-Ink really rock for reading in sunlight, tablets even the best glare badly in sunlight. #socialcafe
  88. @Brad_Harmon Oh, tell us more about the beached whale misunderstanding lol! #socialcafe
  89. @sunraysheryl I don't read at the beach, typically I am in the ocean waves jumping with my 2 kids whenever we are at beach :) #socialcafe
  90. @sunraysheryl I also like have a cheaper reading device out where it might 'walk away' more easily lol! #socialcafe
  91. @sunraysheryl Me, too. Though... my sister showed me one of my niece's sim games on the iPad and it looked inviting! #socialcafe
  92. RT @socialwebcafe: Q4 Are there any gadgets that youÕd like to read reviews on before buying/getting? #SocialCafe
  93. @sunraysheryl Agree, if just for reading no reason a $69 for tablet isn't too bad, but ebooks are still to pricey in my opinion #socialcafe
  94. @dragonblogger Does Logitech make any cool bluetooth headsets? I'm using a Jabra, but not as thrilled with it... #socialcafe
  95. @socialwebcafe I wouldn't have the patience to be a captive to a Sim like game, thought I enjoy talking to people who *do* ;D #socialcafe
  96. Got to head out early today. Keeping TweetChat open to read missed chat later. Thanks for another great discussion. #socialcafe
  97. A4: Everything, I don't buy gadgets without reading reviews from major sites like Ars Technica, Amazon reviews...etc #socialcafe
  98. A4: Games and movies are abt the only thing I take a chance on when buying, or if someone gets you as a gift give it a chance #socialcafe
  99. @dragonblogger I hear you on ebooks being pricey.. I still like paper books, but ebooks so much better to fall asleep reading! #socialcafe
  100. @sunraysheryl Agree, can't do SIM games, but MMO's are not much better for enslaving you. #socialcafe
  101. Justin & @dragonblogger staff will be joining us again on 1/9/13 3p EST when #SocialCafe returns to blogging topics after holidays
  102. @socialwebcafe Q4: no more gadgets for me. think my bf might get me another tablet for xmas. i want jewelry lol #SocialCafe
  103. @sunraysheryl Massive Multiplayer Online games, like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Star Wars Old Republic...etc #socialcafe
  104. @dragonblogger I'll take a movie above gaming any day..! and definitely above TV #socialcafe
  105. @redfuzzycow Jewelry is my weak point. I don't think I could every have too much :) #socialcafe
  106. ROFL (hope she isn't...) RT @dragonblogger: @redfuzzycow I got my wife some Jewelry (hope she isnt on Twitter) #socialcafe
  107. @socialwebcafe My wife is same way, I am the dragonblogger but we joke that she could hoard jewelry like a dragon. (geek joke) #socialcafe
  108. @dragonblogger Ah yes, I've heard of those and some of my clients tell me their adventures there! #socialcafe
  109. @sunraysheryl My wife is active Facebook user (non-public profile) but not active on Twitter almost never on. #socialcafe
  110. @sunraysheryl I bought 3 copies of Guild Wars 2 so my 2 sons and I can play together, in same room 3 computers. SO MUCH FUN! #socialcafe
  111. @sunraysheryl Always, I am dragonblogger on Facebook, fanpage is dragonbloggertech I get more traffic to my blog from Facebook #socialcafe
  112. Thnx @dragonblogger for the interview this morning! Stay tuned for #YouTube video. It will be a part of the #SocialCafe summary.
  113. Reminder I am hosting 14 giveaways total currently, including my 10 days of giveaways, go to  http://dragonblogger.com .com and enter alsocialcafecafe
  114. @dragonblogger great relationship time with the kids re: 3 copies of Guild Wars #socialcafe
  115. Some of my prizes are Lenovo Laptop, Google Nexus 7, Kingston Wi-Drive, Hauppauge HD PVR2, 120GB SSD Drive, and more #socialcafe
  116. And, enter that Lenovo giveaway! RT @dragonblogger: Reminder ..14 giveaways total currently  http://dragonblogger.com .com and enter alsocialcafecafe
  117. @socialwebcafe Yeah, minecraft, guild wars, Skylanders Giants, I engage on their level all the time. #socialcafe
  118. RT @dragonblogger: Reminder I'm hosting 14 giveaways currently, incl my 10 days of giveaways  http://dragonblogger.com .com &enter alsocialcafecafe
  119. Oh my one advice, for any tech gift, find something that saves you time or automates something, you will appreciate it more. #socialcafe
  120. Just think what sort of holiday present that Lenovo would be for that special someone! All you need to do is enter ;) #socialcafe
  121. Next week... Food allergies? We are talking about fun starter kits with @PeanutFreeZone Wed 3p EST 12/05 #SocialCafe
  122. RT @dragonblogger: Oh my one advice, for any tech gift, find something that saves you time or automates something... #socialcafe
  123. Missed the #SocialCafe chat? Stay tuned for Tweets letting your know the archive/summary is ready.
  124. @sunraysheryl Most giveaways end on 12/18, enter anytime before, a few end 11/30 including laptop one. #socialcafe
  125. Thank you for joining us for this week's #SocialCafe Twitter Chat.

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