#SocialCafe 4.15 Chat Transcript

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Tools 1.3 Michael Cheng of Snip.ly #SocialCafe 4.15

Tools 1.3 Michael Cheng of Snip.ly #SocialCafe 4.15

Hosted by Deborah @SocialWebCafe & the #SocialCafe Team!

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  2. --------------- The Chat: ---------------
  3. Hey all. Welcome to another #SocialCafe Twitter Chat! We are chatting for the next 30 min, then the live show ;)
  4. Hi everyone! Love your pic Deborah! How are you guys tonight? #SocialCafe
  5. @ChelleDear Hi Michelle! Welcome! #SocialCafe (And thanks for the compliment ;) )
  6. Tonight, we are warming up with a conversation on the following topic... #SocialCafe
  7. Then, 25 minutes from now, Michael Cheng, c-founder of @sniply will be joining us LIVE on #SocialCafe & we will see how Sniply can help
  8. Sorry. I used to use sniply, and I'm researching on it so I can at least pretend to be intelligent during the last 30 min. #socialcafe
  9. @ChelleDear You don't have to pretend. I'm sure you are highly intelligent. :) #SocialCafe
  10. Q1. How much of your strategy involves content curation (sharing other people’s content)? #SocialCafe
  11. @ChelleDear And, the nice thing about these #SocialCafe chats is that you don't have to be an expert on the tool ...
  12. @ChelleDear In fact, fresh questions are even better. ...then we can ask Michael to cover it in the #SocialCafe Live
  13. Hey all - don't forget to check out @commun_it for Twitter Relationship Building help! (related to our #SocialCafe topic this evening!)
  14. @socialwebcafe #socialcafe About 2% I'm not big on content curation. Its a thing of the past. It had a very short shelf life.
  15. A1 Probably an easy half of what I do is content curation.. especially in social media marketing #SocialCafe
  16. I realized that I haven't used sniply but always wanted to. I'd like to know what kind of CR their customers are seeing. #socialcafe
  17. @brokeblokeblogs Ooh.. I would love to hear more. Maybe my definition is off. lol Do you mostly share your original content? #SocialCafe
  18. @ChelleDear Great question, Michelle! So, you want to know about actual ROI stats, eh? #SocialCafe
  19. @socialwebcafe #socialcafe Yes most of the time, I try to keep it strategy focused. Something readers can learn and apply. - Eddie
  20. Q2 What is your ROI on sharing other’s content? For example, do you get a newsletter subscription? #SocialCafe
  21. @ChelleDear I can do that (I mean, I'll ask that in the panel discussion ;) ) #SocialCafe
  22. I love the updated quote feature in Twitter. I see you are using it, Michelle @ChelleDear #SocialCafe
  23. A2 Generally, it is the expectable ROI (industry standards), but I need to track it more granularly #SocialCafe
  24. Q3 What challenges do you face with content curation? #SocialCafe
  25. The tool appears to be so easy to use to create on-the-fly CTAs instead of static CTAs. Does that help clients? #socialcafe
  26. Q4 What would you like to see improved in the process of sharing others’ content? #SocialCafe
  27. A4 More tools to ensure the ethics and integrity (listen as Michael explains how @sniply handles that) #SocialCafe
  28. @ChelleDear It does! I'm still tracking my results, but it is really innovative! #SocialCafe
  29. Hey all - thanks for your patience. My co-Twitter-host is out of pocket this evening, so I am trying the multi-tasking ;) #SocialCafe
  30. Q5 Do you have any experience using the tool, @sniply? (If not, you are in for a treat tonight ) #SocialCafe
  31. Oh good. I'm distracted because I just got followed by a major industry leader & I had to screenshot it before I lost it. #socialcafe
  32. That is sooooo awesome! Hey, feel free to share the screenshot with us, here at #SocialCafe We support you :)  https://twitter.com/ChelleDear/status/588151137498456064 
  33. @brokeblokeblogs Based on my conversation with Michael for WebToolsTV, it isn't the tool, but some shady people @sniply #SocialCafe
  34. No he'll see it and that would be embarrassing. He just DM'd me personally. #socialcafe
  35. @brokeblokeblogs But, I understand your concern and we can cover that, too, with our chat with Michael @sniply #SocialCafe
  36. Q6 What would you like to know about @sniply? Any questions off the top of your head? #SocialCafe
  37. @socialwebcafe @sniply #socialcafe I agree. But is there a way to prevent that. Its not nice when you know a product can be used for bad.
  38. A6 I'm looking forward to Michael's responses in a few minutes ;) #SocialCafe
  39. I'd like to know the creative ways customers are using it. Maybe unconventional ways people wouldn't think of. #socialcafe
  40. Also, stay tuned for a slideshare with highlights and answers to your questions about @sniply #SocialCafe
  41. A7 I will be doing the post-production on the interview with Michael from @sniply :) #SocialCafe
  42. Q7 What will you be adding to your strategy this week, after #SocialCafe (Hint: try @sniply )?
  43. The creative ways, the on the fly tactics, & the conversion rates (anecdotal). And dev: new features, etc coming down the pipe? #socialcafe
  44. @socialwebcafe #socialcafe I can curate content just for my own reading and not necessarily share it.
  45. @brokeblokeblogs Thanks, Broke. I appreciate you adding to the definition of the term curate and curation. Great insight! #SocialCafe
  46. Thanks, Michelle! I'm glad you asked the question about CR and ROI. I learned something, too :) #SocialCafe  https://twitter.com/ChelleDear/status/588160465160839170 

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