#SocialCafe 4.23 Chat Transcript

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2015 Tool Series 1 Wrap-Up Twitter Party! #SocialCafe 4.23

2015 Tool Series 1 Wrap-Up Twitter Party! #SocialCafe 4.23

Hosted by Deborah @SocialWebCafe & the #SocialCafe Community - special guest Da Vinci @YourLifeAfter25

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  2. --------------- The Chat: ---------------
  3. Tonight is our Wrap-Up #SocialCafe Twitter Party! A couple things that are different (well, normal for #SocialCafe) ...
  4. Welcome to the #SocialCafe Chat! Last time at this time slot. Next chat on Thu 6/18 3p PDT / 6p EDT
  5. Many Twitter Parties are 2 hrs long (or at least 1 hr long). Our Twitter portion is 30 min. Feel free to do 2 hrs..mingle #SocialCafe
  6. @GTAmissions1 Hey - how are you? What have you been up to? And, good to see you :) #SocialCafe
  7. @socialwebcafe I have been in other Twitter chats, but I think I found a way to accommodate this one. #SocialCafe
  8. Da Vinci will be joining us on the hangout portion. It will be great to catch up w/ what she has been doing with her new site #SocialCafe
  9. @PRMktgSales Hey Lisa! It was great chatting with you on Saturday. I've been thinking about our chat this week ;) #SocialCafe
  10. @GTAmissions1 Cool! I'd love to see the list of chats.. feel free to share. fun to join in & I'm hoping to do more joining #SocialCafe
  11. Our topic #SocialCafe Chat hour: 2015 Tool Series 1 Wrap-Up Twitter Party! #chattingNow
  12. Q1 Out of all of the tools we covered this series, what tools were the biggest surprises (i.e. learned the most)? #SocialCafe
  13. @conpsweeney I haven't quite incorporated @Meddleit to the extent I'd like.. I need to make habits. #SocialCafe
  14. A1 That’s a hard question. I think what was a surprise were some of the features I didn’t know about previously #SocialCafe
  15. @socialwebcafe I have been, too. You were generous with your time and helpful. I'm in transition. #SocialCafe
  16. Q2 What tools gave you the biggest challenges or still have questions? #SocialCafe
  17. @socialwebcafe A1. Unfortunately I haven't been able to attend and learn more. I need to check out the archives #SocialCafe
  18. @PRMktgSales Thank you. You are fun to talk to and you have great ideas! #SocialCafe
  19. A2 Pretty much, all of the tools behaved like they were supposed to behave. #SocialCafe
  20. Cool @thirtymommy I'm hoping to convert some to PDF, so I'll be doing even more work on the summaries ;) #SocialCafe
  21. @TheBlogWorkshop I'm sorry. I'm glad u r here now ;) U are still in time for our LIVE portion! We're dying to know what's up #SocialCafe
  22. A2. I'm still looking through a lot of the tools but I have to say Trello is and ViralTag are at the top of my list #SocialCafe
  23. That door prize I promised? Yes, @trello has been generous enough to offer the #SocialCafe community 3 mos free GOLD  http://trello.com/social-cafe 
  24. @socialwebcafe A2. I need to learn more about tools to create/maintain my email list serve #SocialCafe
  25. These chats are always so helpful with the ever changing world of Social! #SocialCafe keeps us all on our toes :)
  26. @PRMktgSales I thought of another idea for getting ur images in the  http://wordpress.com  blog. hoping to make a video for u #SocialCafe
  27. Q3 Any stories, case studies, anything to share (and impress the tool vendors) about the tools? #SocialCafe
  28. Ok - I'll fire off the giveaway links, for those of you who want a chance at them :) #SocialCafe
  29. A3 I have to adjust my budget.. wanted to subscribe to all of them ;) #SocialCafe
  30. Q4 What tools would you like to see in future #SocialCafe tool series? #SocialCafe
  31. A4 @Oktopost, @vCita, @Post Planner. Oh, that’s right, we are featuring them on #SocialCafe ;)
  32. @socialwebcafe A4. Tools to streamline and organize ALL my social media accounts #SocialCafe
  33. @socialwebcafe Wonderful! I think if using @WordPress was easier, I'd blog more often. I'd love a video tutorial, Deborah. #SocialCafe
  34. A4. Another good one is Jivo Chat #SocialCafe. great for if you have e-commerce on your site.
  35. Please feel free to continue the Twitter Chat on #SocialCafe while @TheBlogWorkshop and I do the LIVE portion :)
  36. Next week (THU): Intro to 2015 Tools 2 Series #SocialCafe  http://sw.bcafe.co/eW  NEW DAY/TIME Thu 3p PDT / 6p EDT
  37. @socialwebcafe @PRMktgSales I finally switched my site to Wordpress and need a crash course on plug-ins & ways to customize it #SocialCafe
  38. Empieza #SocialCafe de @socialnest_org para hablar del #branding ¿Qué hay detrás de las marcas? Roberto Ballester #Sessocial15
  39. #SocialCafe 2015 Tools (Series 1) Wrap-Up Party#SocialCafe 2015 Tools (Series 1) Wrap-Up Party  http://goo.gl/Poi9qJ  via @socialwebcafe

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