#SocialCafe 6.32 Chat Transcript

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LinkedIn Efficiency & Effectiveness #SocialCafe 6.32

LinkedIn Efficiency & Effectiveness #SocialCafe 6.32

Hosted by Deborah @SocialWebCafe & Con @ConPSweeney & the #SocialCafe Community!

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  2. Proudly serving the #SocialCafe community since August 8, 2012.  Join us on Tuesdays 9p EST for our 30 min Twitter Chat! https://t.co/R5X8lTSMZr
    Proudly serving the #SocialCafe community since August 8, 2012. Join us on Tuesdays 9p EST for our 30 min Twitter Chat! pic.twitter.com/R5X8lTSMZr
  3. --------------- The Chat: ---------------
  4. Welcome, everyone, to this week's 30 min #SocialCafe Twitter Chat! You may find the questions for this chat at  http://sw.bcafe.co/gD 
  5. Q1 How often do you use LinkedIn and would you consider it one of you main social platforms? #SocialCafe
  6. A1 I don't use #LinkedIn often enough. That said, I do use it more often than Google+ #SocialCafe
  7. @conpsweeney That is a good question! Maybe a survey would help us determine that. Then again, there has probably already been one! #SocialCafe
  8. Q2 Do you have plans to use LinkedIn more frequently? If not, what stands in the way? #SocialCafe
  9. @conpsweeney No offense to G+, but I have to forcefully remind myself to use it. Somehow, it was easier before all the changes years back #SocialCafe
  10. @socialwebcafe I think they voted with their feet that's if they ever showed up in the first place! #socialcafe
  11. @socialcafechat A2) I do both in terms of content & growing connections but available time is always a factor #socialcafe
  12. A2 I have plans to spice up my LinkedIn profile and use it a little more. However, it is relatively complete, according to LI. #SocialCafe
  13. Need to develop those business relationships on Twitter? Use @commun_it You'll love it! #SocialCafe #ad
  14. Q3 What features of LinkedIn are appealing? What needs improvement? #SocialCafe
  15. @socialwebcafe Remember what I blogged once, an unused #linkedin profile no matter how good is no different than an obituary! #socialcafe
  16. A3 Actually, I like the idea of 1) finding people; 2) seeing what they are up to now; and 3) communicating with them in messages #SocialCafe
  17. @conpsweeney I have to think on that one, Con. It almost when over my head.. lol #SocialCafe
  18. @conpsweeney @facebook That is exactly what I was thinking after I typed it! #SocialCafe (ref: A3)
  19. Since you are a #LinkedIn expert, what features do you feel set it apart from other social platforms, @conpsweeney ? #SocialCafe
  20. Q4 Any tips or strategies you care to share as we wrap up this discussion on LinkedIn? #SocialCafe
  21. Sidebar: I promised a summary (last wk) with a free download. I have that, with possibly more than one freebie... more later #SocialCafe
  22. @socialwebcafe Honestly, the only real feature #linkedin has is a database of business connections! They're removed all the useful ones! #socialcafe
  23. @conpsweeney That is a good way to sum it up, @conpsweeney Ok, now I get your obituary comment. #SocialCafe
  24. Q4 One thing that I did was to schedule a time each week where I would spend time endorsing people (thoughtfully) #SocialCafe
  25. And, percolating on all that @conpsweeney is saying, that makes sense. #LinkedIn, for me, is basically a business directory. #SocialCafe
  26. @socialcafechat A4) For what it's worth, #linkedin is the only game in town Have a complete profile Grow connections & publish #socialcafe
  27. I do use #LinkedIn all the time as my online resume - so much quicker than uploading the resume (same data anyway) #SocialCafe
  28. @socialwebcafe And I am sure that paid you good relations. ? everyone needs to do more of it. #socialcafe
  29. @conpsweeney I do recall reading that one (and your blog). I know it is early here, but I think my brain cells are on EDT.. lol #SocialCafe
  30. @akathmadevi It did @akathmadevi Thanks. I was sincere and others repaid it likewise. You are right :) #SocialCafe Worked best when I scheduled time.
  31. @akathmadevi @conpsweeney Personally, I probably don't read it enough, or write there. That is the goal (when I am free from writing elsewhere) - Con? #SocialCafe
  32. #socialcafe With that I'll take my leave! Thanks for joining! See everyone next week!
  33. @socialwebcafe @conpsweeney Personally even I haven't used it much. But during a discussion at my tweet chat, felt it adds a lot to personal branding #socialcafe
  34. Oh my - we are hitting our 30 min mark here in #SocialCafe I see @conpsweeney has bid his farewell! It's been great! See you next week.
  35. I'll hang around for a bit, as we always like to leave the chat open for chatting even after the #SocialCafe bell rings. :)
  36. @akathmadevi @conpsweeney Good point. I agree with you on the personal (and business) branding component. And, yes, with consistency (definitely). #SocialCafe
  37. @akathmadevi @conpsweeney That is 1 of the things that has caused my delay. I want to ensure that I am consistent and haven't started until I can ensure #SocialCafe
  38. @conpsweeney @socialwebcafe It is indeed! But I feel we need to be more selective and valuable in our works there. Since we might only want to best on LiN #socialcafe
  39. @akathmadevi @conpsweeney Hi peeps - please feel free to share your #LinkedIn profile links so we can connect #noPressure Thanks! #SocialCafe
  40. Proudly serving the #SocialCafe community since August 8, 2012.  Join us on Tuesdays 9p EST for our 30 min Twitter Chat! https://t.co/b0T155l54l
    Proudly serving the #SocialCafe community since August 8, 2012. Join us on Tuesdays 9p EST for our 30 min Twitter Chat! pic.twitter.com/b0T155l54l

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