#SocialCafe 6.33 Chat Transcript

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Facebook Friendliness or Foe #SocialCafe 6.33

Facebook Friendliness or Foe #SocialCafe 6.33

Hosted by Deborah @SocialWebCafe & Con @ConPSweeney & the #SocialCafe Community!

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  2. --------------- The Chat: ---------------
  3. Welcome to our 30 min you-can-stay-longer-if-you-want-to #SocialCafe Twitter Chat! Tues 6p PDT / 9p EDT
  4. Q1 How often do you use Facebook and would you consider it one of you main social platforms? #SocialCafe
  5. A1 Daily (sometimes once, sometimes multiple). Probably more for business than personal. #SocialCafe
  6. @conpsweeney @socialcafechat I used to hang out on Facebook... until I realized that FB was getting more attention than even hubby... #SocialCafe Now I use it and close
  7. @conpsweeney @socialcafechat @MarkZuckerbe1rg You are too funny! Here's one.. Facebook drama. Some1 in family jealous of my education & started lies abt me on FB #SocialCafe
  8. Q2 Do you have plans to use Facebook more frequently? If not, what stands in the way? #SocialCafe
  9. @conpsweeney @socialcafechat @MarkZuckerbe1rg Oh no.. It wasn't. In fact, they defended me publicly! #soProud My daughter "went off" on the other person on my behalf #SocialCafe
  10. A2 I have plans to use Facebook more effectively (similar to how I used to do it). #SocialCafe
  11. @conpsweeney @socialcafechat @MarkZuckerbe1rg You seriously crack me up, Con. Yeah, my brother didn't like that I beat him in battleship when he is 6 yrs older & I was a kid #SocialCafe
  12. Q3 What features of Facebook are appealing? What needs improvement? #SocialCafe
  13. A3 I like Messenger. It is convenient. I'd like an easier way to find past posts #SocialCafe
  14. @conpsweeney @socialcafechat Ooooh... Good point! Yes, the ads are one of their best features (I should have thought of that!) #SocialCafe
  15. @conpsweeney @socialcafechat I did tell you that Facebook Ads were recommended for my doctoral thesis research, right? #SocialCafe
  16. Q4 Any tips or strategies you care to share as we wrap up this discussion on Facebook? #SocialCafe
  17. A4 The best strategy for me is to limit myself on FB. Login, answer all messages, manage groups & Pages and then close #SocialCafe
  18. @socialcafechat A4) @facebook is worth looking at I just don't recommend jumping in too fast #SocialCafe
  19. Oh, and keep the Facebook drama to a minimum, please #SocialCafe
  20. Hey #SocialCafe >> Be sure to use @commun_it to help build those business relationships on Twitter! #ad
  21. Ah.. I'll have to save it for a #YouTube #SocialCafe Twitter Chat (was going to show you a link I found on VR Dating... )
  22. Lest we think otherwise, there is no hidden meaning in last tweet. It is simply a reference to an interesting marketing concept #SocialCafe
  23. On that note.. I should probably attempt to remove my foot from my mouth before signing off #SocialCafe (Then again, Con, you have a pt!)
  24. #socialcafe And, with that, I'll retire! Thanks to all for joining! See everyone next week!
  25. Ditto.. What @conpsweeney said. See you next week, same time, same place on the #original #SocialCafe
  26. Oh, and.. last week 8/8/17 marked the anniversary... starting #SocialCafe on 8/8/12
  27. @socialcafechat #socialcafe Deb's giving gift cards to the first 100 attendees next week!
  28. Disclaimer: This was stated as a joke and there is no legal contractually binding aspect to this statement. #SocialCafe  https://twitter.com/conpsweeney/status/897631902496063492 
  29. @BusyBeingJenn Oh my! I love fringe! I think my Barbies were cool and had fringe back in the day.. lol #SocialCafe
  30. Proudly serving the #SocialCafe community since August 8, 2012.  Join us on Tuesdays 9p EST for our 30 min Twitter Chat! https://t.co/FJj2Z4J898
    Proudly serving the #SocialCafe community since August 8, 2012. Join us on Tuesdays 9p EST for our 30 min Twitter Chat! pic.twitter.com/FJj2Z4J898

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