#SocialCafe 6.34 Chat Transcript

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Twitter Tweaks and Tips #SocialCafe 6.34

Twitter Tweaks and Tips #SocialCafe 6.34

Hosted by Deborah @SocialWebCafe & Con @ConPSweeney & the #SocialCafe Community!

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  2. --------------- The Chat: ---------------
  3. @conpsweeney Ah... love that sense of humor :) But, seriously, should examine ways to help in those areas.. #SocialCafe
  4. I guess it is impossible to ever run out of challenges in life? Hmm.... #SocialCafe
  5. Q1 How often do you use Twitter and would you consider it one of you main social platforms? #SocialCafe
  6. @conpsweeney Actually, that would be fun and fulfilling. I remember helping out years ago and it feels good to help, eh? #SocialCafe
  7. A1 I use #Twitter almost constantly! I can't imagine life without it! #SocialCafe
  8. @conpsweeney @socialcafechat Con - you have been exceptionally successful with Twitter - Feel free to share/brag :) #SocialCafe
  9. @conpsweeney Oops.. I missed that part of your tweet. Great respect for #Marines tho #SocialCafe
  10. Q2 Do you have plans to use Twitter more frequently? If not, what stands in the way? #SocialCafe
  11. A2 I have plans to use Twitter more "effectively" but then that is always my #goal lol #SocialCafe
  12. @socialwebcafe Great travel opportunities just have to kill a few people when you get there! #socialcafe
  13. Joining in for the first time. Am I breaking up the party? A1 I check twitter daily. Mostly participates in Tweetchats. #socialcafe
  14. @conpsweeney Have you ever thought of a career in comedy? Creative writing, too! #SocialCafe
  15. @conpsweeney @socialcafechat Good point, Con! Even if you enjoy using it for #fun monetizing the use of #socialMedia allows you to extend that. #SocialCafe
  16. @sageandsavvy Nope! You're very welcome Lucille! @socialwebcafe was telling us of her plans to join the #marines #socialcafe
  17. @socialwebcafe Yes, but my wife and I are in the habit of eating regularly! #socialcafe
  18. Q3 What features of Twitter are appealing? What needs improvement? What about Twitter tools? #SocialCafe
  19. @sageandsavvy Welcome, Lucille! BTW - would love to add to my list of Tweetchats :) Cool! #SocialCafe
  20. A2 Yes,I would like to use it more effectively & tweet more often. Like to increase my following. Biggest obstacle is time. #socialcafe
  21. @conpsweeney @Crowdfire Con - did you ever have a chance to use #TweetAdder ? Cool features but they are no longer #SocialCafe #remindsMe of the features
  22. A3 I think the ease of use is the most appealing feature of #Twitter I also love #Tweetdeck #SocialCafe
  23. @sageandsavvy Peter @conpsweeney on that one, Lucille. When u look at how fast he quadrupled his following... impressive! #SocialCafe
  24. @socialcafechat A3) Not too many @Twitter is a blunt force instrument; Anything that would permit improved organic growth! #socialcafe
  25. I need to take another look at @Crowdfire - I used their app a while back, but need a #refresher #SocialCafe
  26. Hey all - we are breathing new life into #SocialCafe - stats are increasing impressively weekly! Join us Tues 6p PDT / 9p EDT
  27. A3 I also like to use Tweetdeck when in a chat. I appreciate the loyalty of chatters and also great for real time news. #socialcafe
  28. @sageandsavvy @conpsweeney Ok - I was like, who is Peter? That is what I get for using the equiv of a cell to try to type... lol #SocialCafe
  29. Q4 Any tips or strategies you care to share as we wrap up this discussion on Twitter? #SocialCafe
  30. @sageandsavvy I goofed on the typing, but I think I was offering @conpsweeney up to be pestered for tips on increasing your following.. lol #SocialCafe
  31. A4 I have a relavent one for me... be careful about auto scheduling. I overdid it on Facebook. lol #SocialCafe
  32. @sageandsavvy Good points! Yes, I was going through our past #SocialCafe archives and catching those loyal followers
  33. Hey u loyal #SocialCafe community members. Haven't forgotten about u. Will send out notifications... I know we lost u in the time change
  34. Thanks all, for joining us for this week's #SocialCafe Twitter Chat! We'll see you same place, same time next week!
  35. @sageandsavvy @conpsweeney Lucille - I just sent @conpsweeney a note to see if he would like to be interviewed on the topic, so we can all learn :) #SocialCafe
  36. As always.. still here if anyone wants to continue chatting on #SocialCafe Officially our 30 min may be up, be we are there for you.
  37. Hey - next week's topic is on Instagram Stories. Interesting topic. #SocialCafe
  38. @socialwebcafe It was good to meet you Deborah. I guess I didn't pick the best night but will return next week. #SocialCafe

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