#SocialCafe 6.35 Chat Transcript

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Instagram Ingenuity #SocialCafe 6.35

Instagram Ingenuity #SocialCafe 6.35

Hosted by Deborah @SocialWebCafe & the #SocialCafe Community!

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  2. --------------- The Chat: ---------------
  3. I just got word from @conpsweeney that something urgent has come up and he won't be joining us here at #SocialCafe
  4. The topic for tonight is Instagram Ingenuity #SocialCafe 6.35 | Feel free to join in or catch the feed later :)
  5. A1 I use Instagram almost daily. I am working on using it more often and consistently. #SocialCafe
  6. Be sure to use @commun_it to build your business relationships on Twitter #SocialCafe
  7. I don't use #Instagram at all, now that my account was hacked! #SocialCafe Sad, because it is my brand name!
  8. @socialwebcafe Away at a conference and paying attention to conf instead of email. Someone hacked #Instagram, changed password, then email #SocialCafe
  9. Q2 Do you have plans to use Instagram more often? If not, what stands in the way? #SocialCafe
  10. @socialwebcafe The two emails were about a minute apart, so I couldn't even do a password reset in that amount of time, to cut them off #SocialCafe
  11. A2 Yes, I have plans to use Instagram more often. The tricky thing is working at the desk and ensuring that I use the mobile #SocialCafe
  12. @socialwebcafe Yes, have contacted @instagram support more times than I can count. Sadly, the original @seasiderecords account was set up by me #SocialCafe
  13. @socialwebcafe @instagram No support from @instagram even though I have original email address and password used to setup original @seasiderecords acct #SocialCafe
  14. @socialwebcafe @instagram You know what else is sad? The hackers were connected to MY daughters (who were minors at the time) on MY account #SocialCafe
  15. @seasiderecords @instagram I don't know why @instagram wouldn't care, especially with minors involved. I guess no concern for legal issues, either, eh? #SocialCafe
  16. Q3 What features of Instagram do you like? What needs improvement? #SocialCafe
  17. @seasiderecords @instagram And, your brand is affected and @instagram doesn't even respond to your support tickets? Why even have a support mechanism? #SocialCafe
  18. A3 I like the clean format. I wish #Instagram had hyperlinking, but I understand why they do not. #SocialCafe
  19. Q4 Any tips or strategies you care to share as we wrap up this discussion on Instagram? #SocialCafe
  20. A4 Based on @seasiderecords not getting any support from @instagram for his hacked account, you need to take steps... #SocialCafe
  21. Wow - that was a mixed bag. Personally I love @instagram and use it frequently (but planned to use it more) #SocialCafe
  22. A4 I recommend using  http://www.later.com  I am not paid to recommend them lol I think there is a free option #SocialCafe
  23. ...but @seasiderecords experience with @instagram is scary! People - beware! You could be hacked with no recourse! #SocialCafe
  24. A4 Step 1: Don't rely on articles that tell you how to get help from @instagram because @seasiderecords used them & no response #SocialCafe
  25. A4 Step 2: Don't do anything that might require @instagram support because it is non-existent in @seasiderecords case #Brand #SocialCafe
  26. A4 Step 3: Pick a really really complicated password that is as unhackable as possible for @instagram #SocialCafe
  27. A4 Step 4: Pick a really really complicated password that is as unhackable as possible for @instagram #SocialCafe
  28. A4 Step 4: Realize that being the original owner of the account, with all the original info doesn't matter to @instagram #SocialCafe
  29. A4 Step 5: Realize that having a brand name doesn't matter to @instagram - equal opportunity ignoring of support requests #SocialCafe
  30. Thanks, all, for joining us at #SocialCafe - We will see you next week | same time, same place as we start our topic on @instagram Stories!

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