#SocialCafe 6.38 Chat Transcript

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The Tools of Twitter Monetization #SocialCafe 6.38

The Tools of Twitter Monetization #SocialCafe 6.38

Hosted by Deborah @SocialWebCafe & Con @ConPSweeney & the #SocialCafe Community!

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  2. --------------- The Chat: ---------------
  3. Welcome, everyone, to our 30 min #SocialCafe Chat. Tonight, the topic is The Tools of Twitter Monetization 6.38  http://sw.bcafe.co/hd 
  4. @conpsweeney Hey Con - how are you this week? #SocialCafe I'm looking forward to your words of wisdom!
  5. Q1 What tools are available to help us with monetizing our Twitter usage? #SocialCafe
  6. @conpsweeney Ah, we should be sitting at your feet, listening to your wisdom.. :) But, your sense of humor is definitely a plus #SocialCafe #desperate
  7. @socialcafechat A1) Good question Lots of names but many seem to be defunct Sponsored Tweets @spontwtsdeploy is one I'm looking at currently #socialcafe
  8. @conpsweeney @socialcafechat @spontwtsdeploy No kidding. It seems (Murphy's law?) that when I like something, it is discontinued. #SocialCafe
  9. @socialwebcafe Have you noticed how there's not a lot of talk about making money on Twitter? #socialcafe
  10. And, there is a lot of "defuncting" going around these last few years. #SocialCafe
  11. Even on the 'net, it used to be that u would get a few years out of something if u paid for it but now, you are lucky with 1 yr #SocialCafe
  12. @conpsweeney I have! Even in this #SocialCafe Twitter Chat, it comes back to effective usage that hopefully gives time to make money.
  13. What do you think, @conpsweeney - Is Twitter more of a lead generating or customer maintenance tool, if that (vs #monetizing) #SocialCafe
  14. Q2 What tools have we tried personally? What do we think about them? #SocialCafe
  15. A2 Oh, I've tried more tools than I can count! One of my favorite tools is @commun_it I also really like @TweetDeck #SocialCafe
  16. @socialcafechat A2) Started working with Sponsored Tweets @spontwtsdeploy but tutorials weak Having a hard time finding out if anyone has made $ #socialcafe
  17. Q3 What tools are we thinking of adding to our list? Why or why not? #SocialCafe
  18. @conpsweeney @socialcafechat @spontwtsdeploy Have you considered taking notes and writing your own tutorials to get traffic to your site @conpsweeney ? #SocialCafe
  19. @conpsweeney @socialcafechat @spontwtsdeploy My hope is that you figure out how to make $$$ with @spontwtsdeploy and then you can use that as a promo platform for yourself #SocialCafe
  20. @socialwebcafe @socialcafechat @spontwtsdeploy Want to make sure I can actually make money with them before I go to all that trouble! #socialcafe
  21. A3 This isn't a tool but I am looking at adding SNAP to my Wordpress plugins to help move toward #Twitter #Monetization #SocialCafe
  22. @conpsweeney @socialcafechat @spontwtsdeploy Am I the only one who thinks it is odd that there is no URL on their profile? Or, is that by design? #SocialCafe
  23. @socialcafechat A3) Not sure yet Still trying to separate the living from the dead! #socialcafe
  24. Question for you Deb @socialwebcafe Have you ever met anyone who's made money off of #twitter ? #socialcafe
  25. Q4 What have we gleaned from this discussion? What are our action steps this week? #SocialCafe
  26. A4 I have gleaned that I have a lot of work to do! But, done right, it should free up some time for #monetizing #Twitter #SocialCafe
  27. Originally, I was thinking of writing one of those "Ultimate Lists" of #Twitter Monetization Tools as a result of this chat... #SocialCafe
  28. Now, I think it will be simply a list of non-defunct #Twitter Tools #SocialCafe
  29. #socialcafe Heading off now! Thanks for joining everyone! See you next week!
  30. Thanks, all. I see you reading the updates (i.e. storify and posts on the site) >> See you next week, same time, same place #SocialCafe
  31. Proudly serving the #SocialCafe community since August 8, 2012.  Join us on Tuesdays 9p EST for our 30 min Twitter Chat! https://t.co/OTCGP5b9ot
    Proudly serving the #SocialCafe community since August 8, 2012. Join us on Tuesdays 9p EST for our 30 min Twitter Chat! pic.twitter.com/OTCGP5b9ot

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