Tools 6 * Evernote (Summary) #SocialCafe 3.16

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  1. How familiar are you with the @evernote?

Shevy and I agreed that we tend to use Evernote and then stop and then start... It is one of those programs that is easy to pick up and use whenever you need that extra something (especially for note-taking).

  1. How do you use @evernote? If you don’t use it, what would you like to know about it?

Like we were saying? ... When those ideas pop into the head, what better way to digitally jot them down then Evernote, eh?

  1. What are some ideas for using @evernote to help you be more productive?

Evernote can come in handy for so many different things. You can use it to write an article, brainstorm, jot ideas, plan your day for tomorrow....

  1. If you decide to use @evernote, how do you think you will use the tool?

Oops... sidebar from Evernote for a moment. Thanks, Lisa! Sooooo appreciate the compliment! (Speaking of which, that is another great use for Evernote, to jot down those compliments and words of encouragement that you want to share with others, the next time you see them.)

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

Thanks, Gnosisarts, for being a part of our #SocialCafe community :)

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