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  1. How familiar are you with the @buffer?

Buffer tends to be a favorite with many people. Even if it is not the main tool, many people use it in conjunction with other tools. It is soooo versatile. And, the customer service? I dare say, second to none! Yay, Buffer!

  1. How do you use @buffer? If you don’t use it, what would you like to know about it?

A common theme, with many tools, is sitting down and using the tool in one sitting and spreading it out over time. I love using Buffer and Viral Content Bee (formerly Viral Content Buzz) together. There are sooooo many great articles to share in VCB but I don’t want to send out 100 at a time. That is where Buffer does the heavy lifting for me :)

  1. What are some ideas for using @buffer to help you be more productive (i.e. automated)?

Again, Buffer keeps us organized ... and without breaking a sweat, eh?

  1. If you decide to use @buffer, how do you think you will use the tool?

Thanks, Pam, for RTing Katie’s tweet and yet another endorsement of scheduling those tweets!

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

I think the idea of Buffer saving us time is definitely a thought worth driving home during this chat, eh? Oh, and Ann Smarty, founder of VCB says “hi” with her RT the next morning. Thanks, Ann, for your wonderful VCB web app! :)

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